Why do video?
Couple's number one regret is not having video at their wedding. A video helps you relive the feeling of the day, and even experience moments you don't remember or weren't able to be there for. Video acts like an emotional memory you can return to over and over again. They're a record of the things that were said, the looks that were exchanged, and the people who were present. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions.
What's it like working with me?

My background is in documentary film and I like to show up for what is present in the moment. I give minimal direction, as I hope to cultivate an environment where my couples can be present for their day. You're not an actor - and I want you to be natural. While there are classic poses and moments to get, I like to allow my imagination to wander and take in the energy of the day, seeing little moments or special touches that made your day unique. My editing style is full of movement and emotion, and I make various lengths of highlight videos. All the music is licensed, but personalized to each couple. I bring a professional team, equipment, and am fully insured.

What can I expect to spend on a wedding video?

There are all different price points, and depending on what kind of video you want and what your budget is there's a range. My prices start around $3,500. This is somewhere in the middle ground for this industry. Anything cheaper is usually more entry level, and while you might luck out (I know weddings are expensive!) you get what you pay for. If video is important, budgeting for video is a must.
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